Virtual DC Cherry Blossoms

Yesterday was one of those random days that only one of my kids is off school, so I took her and two friends down to the DC Mall to see the new Arabia 3D Imax. But it was just too lovely to be inside. So we wandered down to the tidal basin and climbed into the paddleboats. Then we hit the carousel, which surprised me, because any other day they might have claimed to be too old for that. Then lunch at the Native American Museum, and I dragged them into the National Gallery of Art for a glimpse at two of the masterpieces by da Vinci and Rembrandt.Pretty much a perfect day, yanno? Here are a few cherry tree shots. Enjoy!!Also, speaking of cherry blossoms, please help KidLit authors help the victims of the Japanese tsunami. I've donated a signed copy of FHN, along with a 10-page manuscript critique for two bidders!! Please be generous. Here's the link.