The Last Rose


It's cold and rainy today, one of my least favorite types of weather, but I just saw something amazing.  My kids were off to school, and I'd finished walking the dog.  A spot of pink caught my eye as I rounded our house.  It was a gorgeous pink rose.  (I know I should have a picture, but my camera is being annoying today.  So I'll have to describe it.)  It's a light shade of pink with more petals than I can count.  It weathered cold air, wind, and rain to open perfectly in my side yard.  It's the definitely last rose of the year, because there are no buds left.  I'm not usually a rose person, because they're too labor intensive.  (I prefer easy perennials at this point in my life.)  But this one seemed almost miraculous and symbolic.  One last burst of beauty and rosy fragrance before winter descends.                     

  In the language of flowers, a pink rose can mean grace, beauty, and happiness.  It brought all to me today!