Saturday's Seven with Drea (aka Book Blather)

Today our guest is Drea, a twenty-something teen librarian from the Chicagoland area, who reviews books, blogs, and offers the occasional contest as BookBlather.Hi, Drea.  What's your favorite flower?This has changed over the years, but I would say at this moment it would have to be an orchid. They just have this majestic beauty about them that draws me to them.  [FYI, orchids mean the belle of the ball or passion in the language of flowers.  See Drea's lovely orchid above!]Is there a quotation you live by or have posted at your desk?It's not really a quotation, more like a personal motto: "Still Awaiting Serenity."  It's a phrase I latched onto years ago that reminds me that I'll never truly be complete and to keep searching for those pieces that will make me a better person. I think it's my way of telling myself to never settle and to continue reaching for more.Which book do you wish you could live in?Oh man, this is a hard one. I can't pick just ONE book, but I will tell you my favorite worlds. I'm torn between the Tortall Realm by Tamora Pearce or the Faerie Courts by Melissa Marr. If I HAD to choose just one, I would go with Tortall. I've grown up reading the characters in that world and they have been like best friends at time.Who's your favorite dead writer and why? (We don't want to hurt the feelings of the living here!)Hands down, Virginia Woolf. She was such a brilliant woman and writer. I'm always finding something new in her writings every time I read them. Some, like A Room of One's Own, is so empowering to women.  And while she was certainly a tortured soul, there is so much I've been able to learn from her writings.  [Drea and I also share a love for Woolf's To the Lighthouse!]How long have you been blogging and why did you start?I started Book Blather a little over a year ago. My main reason was to keep a log of what I'm reading.   As a YA Librarian, I'm devouring more books than I can keep up and the blog is a way for me to remember what I've read and what I liked/did not like a book!  Of course, the reasonI continue is because of the amazing friends with authors/bloggers that I've made along the way.What do you love best about YA novels?What's not to love?  Seriously. T here are so many talented writers in the YA world, and more still coming (like Amy!).   I wish I could put into words why I love YA novels, but I really can't.   There's just something that has sucked me in and just won't let me go!   And I hope this love affair is one that never ends.Do you have any predictions for the future of YA novels and writers?I predict that they will send me their ARCs so I don't have to wait to read them!  No, no, okay, really.  Predictions, predictions, hmmmm.  I think I see the YA market continuing to bring in amazing books/authors.  I see it growing even more than it already has and shaking off its stigma and pulling in more adults.  I also see sparkly vampires retiring to their coffins (oh please, oh please, oh please!)You just got back from ALA.  What was the most fun?Well, I love the exhibits.  I mean FREE books!  And I love bringing home really good ones that I can bribe my teens with.  (It's all about the bribes!) But I also like sitting down with publishers and talking about the books they're about to publish.  I got to sit one-on-one with one publishing company and had a fantastic time ranting about what books I already loved and the ones I was excited about being able to read.What advice would you give to writers who appear at libraries?Have fun!  Be down to earth and don't try too hard.  Teens may appear to be bored, but I can almost guarantee that they're really listening.   Candy or other fun stuff is a good way to bribe them into talking too.  Once they're talking it'll be smooth sailing after that.  Oh, and above all, give lots of love to the librarians!  We most likely love you just as much (maybe more!) than the teens.Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Drea!  You can follow her on twitter, too.