Reuniting and Circling

My dad always thought I was a little nuts to major in "big books" as he called it.  The Program of Liberal Studies, as it is officially called, wasn't practical enough for him. Its completion guaranteed nothing other than knowing lots of answers to obscure questions about Kant or The Bhagavad Gita. We always joked we were good at cocktail party conversation.  But I LOVED it.  I adored the range of learning and the breadth of studying human history -- math, philosophy, literature -- from an historical perspective. The challenging primary texts and small classes made me think and articulate and dream.My biggest dream? Why becoming a published author, of course!So this weekend, I am thrilled to be signing at my alma mater, the University of Notre Dame, for my reunion weekend. It feels like a homecoming and a completion. I'm so grateful for the people who taught me there, for the books I read, and for the friendships I made there, including my husband.And my dad? He wasn't such a curmudgeon. He's also the one who once gave me a card of a kid fishing in a puddle on the street outside his suburban home.  He told me it reminded him of my desire to be a writer. Which might not be so great, except that the stubborn and hopeful kid has a bucket full of fish next to him. (That card is now framed and hanging next to my desk.)  So while I'm at ND, I will lift a glass to my dad who passed away too many years ago, to bottomless puddles of ideas, and to coming full circle.