New Prizes Added to Blog Tour! Plus a flower poem!

Whew!  I feel like I'm in a whirlwind before the pub date.  Just added the awesome Tenner Bree Despain's novel The Dark Divine to my prize packet for this week. And check out next week's here. You have until Sunday at midnight to enter, so go collect your flowers. My blog tour is international, so I'll be in Liyanaland shortly.And on the poetic front, today we have Nicole transporting us to warmer climates. Here are Tenner poet Blythe Woolston's thoughts on Nicole's poem:"Nicole's landscape love poem tells a very evocative story--partly because she admits real, sharp edged images and language intothe poem. "Sears," "goathead cactus," "cracked barren ground" arewords that make me trust the poet and her love for a very real place."Way to go, Nicole!Painted skies, Painted flowers As I walk, barefoot, on my native land, in Santa Fe,the sunset glows with orange embers and red huesMy face soaks up the hot, dry airPassion for the southwest sears my heartThe desert summons my soul to a sanctuary of blossomsI step carefully, avoiding the goathead cactusMy swift, experienced feet guide meA patch of Indian paintbrush flowers graze my legsI collapse onto the forgiving red plantsThey provide a refuge from the cracked barren groundAs I lay on my back, a lullaby of crickets bring me to sleep.

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