Love Flower Poems Contest: Day Eight!

I'm feeling pretty great today, because I got a lovely review for FHN yesterday from Publishers Weekly.  I'm the one grinning ... at least until the next ten inches of snow starts falling on Washington, DC.This next poet is known for once tying a blue ribbon to a lobster named Thibault and taking him for a walk through Parisian gardens.  Seriously.  This poem is more about loving all creatures, rather than romantic love, and the flower line is sometimes translated as "Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature."  I like that.Don't worry about the title on this one. I'm having trouble finding it too!Honor in each creature the spirit which moves it:Each flower is a soul moved by Nature’s face;In each metal resides some of love’s mystery;“All things feel!” And all you are is powerful.Happy reading!

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