Love Flower Poem by Anna

Thanks to Jennie at Random Chalk Talk and her awesome students for hosting me on her blog today -- her first author interview!  Great questions from her students!I am pleased to present the first of five poems that impressed the judges.  One of the judges, Blythe Woolston, said this poem "flashes brilliant sometimes --'mended | upended' is a compelling rhyme --and it integrates the flowers exquisitely. (She had me at the Calla--it's a fantastic image.)"Blythe is a Tenner whose novel The Freak Observer comes out in August.  I can't wait to read it!  "It's about death, life, astrophysics, and finding beauty in chaos," according to Blythe.  She is also a poet herself!This poem is by Anna aka The Book Nerd at  Thanks for sharing your poem with us, Anna!The End Does Not ExistThe garden scents slip through my windowthe roses, daisies and the song of bluebirdsdo something to my heart, broken and mendedupended from my home, I feel lost.The color of the sky so bright yet so dull,sweeping away the thoughts that cloud my mindmuddle it with unimportant, insignificant remindersof the times when things weren't right -wrong between you and me.But I close my eyes and the scents remind meof good things, happy things, old things -Roses, our first meeting by the round-a-boutin the middle of the finest city.Lilies, the first kiss we shared, the boardwalksurrounded by them.Cherry Blossoms, when I told you of the Calla we grew,a little version of me and you.And the Pansies, to remind me of the end,the cowards who left you and her on the side ofthe road, car tipped, upended as well.But I will rip them out, tear them away, trash them,discard them, and forget about that.I will only remember the beginning and middle -the good.The garden will remind me of the good,and help me forget the evil.The ending does not exist and I will lieto myself until it is true.Until the garden, flower and weeds grow throughus all the same; her, me and you.Together as we should be.

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