Library Flower Fun

To kick off their summer teen reading program, the Chinn Park Library in Woodbridge, VA, invited me to give my language of flowers presentation this Tuesday at 2 pm. I'm super-excited, because a local gardening group is going to bring flowers and herbs, so everyone can make her own tussie-mussies at the end. I'll be circulating and helping out too.In my yard, I have tons of mint (for virtue, and it makes the bouquets smell amazing), sweet basil, rosemary, giant blue hydrangeas, purple coneflowers, butterfly bush, and lots of amazing lace cap hydrangeas. I may have to go scavenge in a few friend's gardens to find some great flowers for demo tussies.

I'm also thrilled to have a new regular freelancing gig at a new glossy magazine, called Arlington magazine. It's pretty much a perfect fit for me, and I'll be writing about lots of fun stuff. Novels take so long to write from conception to sale to shelf that it will be fabulous to write something, get paid, and have it published within months, not years.

There was also a lot of Twitter chat this week about an article by a YA writer that appeared in Slate magazine. In it, the authors basically insult the entire YA reading and writing community as slap dash and not serious about good writing. Aside from the fact that this is just plain wrong, I'm amazed that otherwise respected author Katie Crouch couldn't see how this would alienate her readers and lots of bloggers and YA consumers. I found myself in a bookstore, holding her book in my hand and thinking I'd have to have a gun to my head to buy it.  Her portrayal of her editor at a major, respected house was also disconcerting. All around— bad form.

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