Indianapolis Bound

I am very excited to be heading to the Midwest this week.  I'll watch my son row, hang out in Indianapolis, and speak the language of flowers at two bookstores:  Barnes & Noble, IUPUI and Bookmamas. Then I'll head to one of my favorite places in the world for vacation, the Leelanau Peninsula of Michigan. I've had enough of this DC heat and humidity and hope my plants will survive without me!So if you live in Indianapolis or have visited, what should I be sure to do while I'm there? They have to have gardens, right? Should I take my rollerblades?In other news, I'm thrilled to be a new creative writing instructor at WritopiaLab DC. It's a fabulously supportive program for budding writers, ages 8 to 18. I wish it was around when I was that age! Fingers crossed we expand into Arlington and McLean soon.Lastly, if you're looking for a wonderful, native vine, I just planted some native honeysuckle and it's so lovely. It will grow up over the chain link fence between my and my neighbor's house .(see below) And, of course, it's not invasive and great for birds.