Happy 2010!

I'm posting this a little early, because we're headed out of town for some much-needed R & R, and I'm not sure what my internet conductivity will be.  Before 2009 comes to a close, I just want to thank all the awesome people who have helped me make it through a somewhat rocky year.

-My fabulous editors Virginia, Martha, and Sarah at Greenwillow Books/HarperCollins, who helped to shape Forget-Her-Nots into a novel I'm so proud of.  Happy 35th anniversary, Greenwillow!

- My art director at Greenwillow, Paul Zakris, who designed a beautiful package to hold my words.

-My agent, Steven Chudney, who has always had faith in the magic of the novel and my ability to write lovely and moving words.

- My three kids who keep me centered and sane.  They show me my best and worse self and even write me poems when I'm down.

- My husband, who gave me a room of my own and time to be there.

- My two sisters, brother, and Mom who have supported and loved me again and again.

- My great friends -- Kathi, Margit, Carol, Carol (yup, there are two of them), Barbara, and Suzanne.  You all have provided amazing shoulders, ears, and hugs.

- The Tenners.  I've learned so much and had sooo much fun with all of you!  2010 will rock for books!

- My wonderful new crit partners, Denise, Pam, and Cyn, who have been invaluable to my WIP, String Theories, and who rock as writers themselves!

- Vania, for designing amazing postcards and bookmarks I hope to send EVERYWHERE.

- The YA blogger community, especially everyone who's W.O.W.'d  Forget-Her -Nots and added me to their Debut Challenge lists!

Thanks everybody!  I can't wait for 2010 to begin.

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