Gallivanting and Hawking and Peonies, oh my!

It's been forever since I posted, because I've been on the road locally doing readings and some creative marketing. It's been great fun, and I've met lots of wonderful people. So here are a few snapshots from last week:

On Thursday and Friday, I was at the American Horticultural Society's annual plant sale hawking my book and signing. One of the best parts was meeting Kathleen Gagan, aka the Peony Lady, who was just on Martha Stewart's show. Kathleen is a marketing genius and came up with a brilliant name for her business:  Peony's Envy.

Get it?! You can find out more about Kathleen and her business here. Of course I had to buy some, especially when I heard she had shade peonies, which I didn't know existed. I can't wait for mine to bloom! In the language of flowers, peonies mean shame or bashfulness. However, according to Martha Stewart, they symbolize good fortune in the Chinese culture. So let's go with the Chinese translation. Peonies are wonderfully fragrant, and the plants last forever, i.e. a hundred years. As Kathleen pointed out to Martha, a peony plant can be handed down through the generations, which is a very cool idea. FYI, peonies also take three years to establish and bloom well, but they are definitely worth the wait. My neighbor has amazing peonies and brings me a huge bouquet every year!

I also sold and signed at several Virginia Garden Week events in Ashland and Fredericksburg. Again, I met lots of wonderful people who were so excited to read FHN and give it as a gift for special occasions. Here I am in Ashland:

Very pink!! I was also asked to speak about the language of flowers to several gardening groups and garden clubs, so I'm excited about that, too.

And, lastly, here I am at Fountain Bookstore in Richmond, Va., doing a tussie-mussie demonstration and catching up with some old friends who came to see me.  Thanks so much to Kelly and Tess for making me feel welcome and being patient with me! (I had some directional challenges on the way. Must buy GPS system.)

I have a few days to rest and play catch up until the huge  Friends of the National Arboretum (FONA) plant sale on Saturday, April 24th, here in D.C.! And, the best news of all last week was that my wonderful agent Steven read and loved my new novel, String Theories. It's about a girl who gets in over her head, the physics of relationships, a stream, and getting even. Whew! I didn't realize how nervous I was. It's completely different from FHN, and I'm very excited about it.

Next up: an interview with the amazing and sweet novelist Kathy Erskine, author of Mockingbird and Quaking.

** And my giveaway contest for Mistwood ends this weekend. Have you entered? Find out more here.