Fabulous Weekend Ahead

Thanks so much to the awesome students and faculty who welcomed me to Frost Middle School in Fairfax, Va., last Wednesday. We had a blast! I was truly impressed with the quality of questions from the audience, and they were very enthusiastic about the language of flowers. It was all part of the George Mason University's Fall for the Book celebration. Just before my appearance, the students participated in a flower craft session, and several of the girls made me this awesome wire floral arrangement. (I'm holding it in the library below.) The card says, "Bright cut flowers, leaves of green, bring about what I have seen." It was very sweet, and I signed lots of books and bookmarks.

The rest of this weekend is very busy, but I can't wait. Tomorrow I'll be at the U.S. Botanic Garden's "Plant Literary Festival," which is their contribution to the National Book Festival. Stop by to learn to speak the language of flowers, and I'll help you make a tussie-mussie to express your deepest feelings florally. The Botanic Garden is always a lovely place to visit; they have an amazing orchid collection which I especially love to make a pilgrimage to when it's cold outside.

Then this Sunday, I'll head northeast to Baltimore where their book festival is going on even as I type. Zombie v. Unicorns tonight!!  On Sunday at 4:30, I'll be on a panel with Elizabeth Scott, Andrew Auseon, and fellow Tenner Holly Hoxter. I've met everyone before, but it will be great fun to hang out on a panel together. You get to know everyone so much better that way, and you're not too much on the spot yourself. I highly recommend panels.

Much-needed rain is in the forecast for Sunday, but I hope it waits to start until after we speak. Then I will enjoy all the rain expected for next week, because my poor garden is looking parched. How's yours doing this time of year? I have some amazing begonias that bloom in the fall and reseed every year. If you live nearby, let me know, and I'll bring you some seeds. They're ridiculously easy to grow and quite lovely. Here's a shot:

I'll also be buying a flat of pansies this weekend, because it's time to plant them. I love the fact that in Virginia, you can plant them in the fall and they'll come back in the spring. They don't do that in the Midwest where I grew up. Sometimes the pansies will even bloom again in the middle of winter if we have a few warmer, sunny days. Now's a great time to plant bulbs too. Got to get busy ....