Crazy, Busy Spring & Parenting Article:

Juggling the three jobs -- writing teacher, novelist, and journalist -- has been nuts this year, but I finished one job for now.  Yep, the novel, The Celestial Matchmaker, is done.  (At least until I have to revise it again.) :-)  So wish me luck, and send good karma.

With that blast of heat, the forsythia and daffodils came and went. It's very unusual to have my dogwoods (which mean love despite adversity) and red camellias (unpretending excellence) blooming at the same time, but it would make a meaningful tussie-mussie. Everything is such a lovely shade of green now!

Back to my article for the wonderful Arlington Magazine.  This piece explores the question:  are we better parents than our parents were?  I get to interview teens next!