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The Power of Story

Over the years, I dipped in and out of Game of Thrones, but I did watch the last season and was absolutely thrilled when one of the most interesting and complex characters, Tyrion Lannister, said this:

“There’s nothing more powerful in the world

than a good story.”

I could not agree more! Story is what captures the attention of video gamers and consumers and those of us who stay up too late at night wrapped in a fictional dream. Our stories connect us all.

Tyrion’s line continued to reverberate with me this summer as I tried to be the adventurous protagonist in my own story. In August, I finally fulfilled my nearly life-long dream of making a pilgrimage to Prince Edward Island to see the gorgeous setting that inspired Anne of Green Gables. I also kayaked in the newest National Marine Sanctuary, headed to lovely Northern Michigan with my extended family, and took the fabulous architectural boat tour down the Chicago River while visiting my son and his wife.

I look forward to sharing many of the stories I gathered and imagined with you, as they’re published over the next few months!

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