Books, Blooms, and a Fro

The wonderful Skyanne at Harmony Book Reviews, the force behind BringYA2PA, has chosen a library to receive my Library Loving Challenge donation. It's Wyalusing Public Library in Pennsylvania. I'll be sending them a check for $100 for their young adult book section and a signed copy of Forget-Her-Nots. Overall, through Jenn Hubbard's efforts, more than $1600 was raised for needy libraries across the country.  Yay, Jenn!!Also, I will be giving my Philly Flower Show talk on the Language of Flowers at a wonderful new indie bookstore right in my home town.  I'll be at One More Page Books on April 30th at 2 pm. This great little bookstore has an excellent selection of both adult and kids' books. Plus they sell wine and cheese! Hope to see you there.As always, I'm amazed by spring time in Virginia. The dogwoods are so lovely, my little cherry tree is covered with blooms that will turn into yummy cherries, and I have all kinds of cool native plants and ferns opening on my wooded hill. And yes, I am that crazy lady pulling out the invasive garlic mustard along the paths of Arlington. Here's my cherry:

And my dog got a fro cut too. She has naturally curly hair, so I swear they must have blown it dry. My husband thinks she looks embarrassed.