A Flower Poem & Blog Tour

I'm having a great time bouncing from blog to blog!  Today you can find me with Khy, the Frenetic Reader. Did you know I once sat next to a real American Indian Chief on a plane and that inspired a scene in FHN?Also, you can check out my Romantic Bloopers from yesterday on Harmony's blog.  Lots of fun!Lastly, I'd like to feature one of the winning poems from my LoveFlowerPoems contest earlier this month. (Winners receive a package of Forget-Her-Nots swag.) One of my judges, Tenner Blythe Woolston, said:"I like this formal poem, with its tight end rhymes and well-defined stanzas. It reminds me a little of John Donne--and I like to be reminded of John Donne."Wow! Blythe is also a poet, and everybody reads some John Donne in high school, right?  Cool. If you like the poem, send Megan some love.  Here's her Twitter.You Slay MeSpeak, speak, or hold your peace foreverFor I will not allow your endeavorThis terrible, wretched hold on my heartWith words intended to prick and smartLike Roses dripping off your tongueSpeak, Speak, or leave it unsungLaugh, Laugh, tell me I'm wrongThis was not a trick all alongEverything was brilliant from the startAnd your Roses only added to the artOf new love painted brightLaugh, Laugh, hold on tightKiss, Kiss, fade it all awayKeep the jealous fears at bayWords soft as petal's dewRefreshing and brand newWhisk me away to lands unseenKiss, Kiss, end this routine.

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